CV Robert Moore

As Producer

2008:  Co- Producer  “Slaughter” Short drama  Moore Creative Stuff

1998:  Co-Producer  “Runner”  Short drama  Moore Creative Stuff

As Assistant Director

2012:  3rd AD/Runner  “Bolan”  TVC   Land of Oz

2011:  3rd AD/Runner “Nikon”  TVC  Land of Oz

2009:  1st AD  “DIY”  Short Drama  Deep Deep South Prod’s
3rd AD  “Matching Jack”  Feature  Cascade Films

2008:  Additional AD  “Tangle” TVS  Southern Star
 Additional AD   “Dirt Game”  TVS   ABC  – TV

2007:  2nd AD  “Arcanum” Teaser Villa Productions

2006: Additional AD  “Kick”  Series   Storm Productions/SBS

2005: Additional AD  Nightmares &  Series  Coote & Hayes P/LEp. 2
Additional AD  “Little Oberon”  Telemovie  Christie Films/GTV 9

2004:  1st AD   “Swine”  Short Drama  North Coast Camera
3rd AD  “Safety In Numbers”   Feature  Down Under Studios
Additional AD   “The Extra” Feature Extra Extra Film Prod
Additional AD   “Stingers”  TVS  GTV 9

2003: 3rd AD    “Australian Idol”   TVS  Grundy TV

2002: 1st AD  “Lost” Short Drama – Shari Askew, Julie Dickson(Student Film) & Wayne Moore Prod’ers

2001:  Additional AD  “Terror on the Rails”  Telemovie  Village Roadshow
Additional AD   “The Outsider”  Telemovie  Coote /Hayes Prodns
Additional AD  “Scooby Doo” Feature SD Productions

1999: 3rd AD  “Asahi Beer” TVC  Size Inc Sydney
3rd AD/Runner “Paul’s Ice Break”   TVC  Baby Lemonade Inc

As Production Runner/Production Assistant

2009:  Prodn Runner  “Strictly Speaking”  TVS   ABC – TV
Prodn Runner “Better Homes & Gardens” TVS  Seven Network

2008: Prodn Runner  “Hungry Jacks” TVC  Hub Productions
Prodn Runner “The Pacific”  TVS  First Division Productions
Prodn Runner “The Outdoor Room”   TVS   Seven Network Operations
Prodn Runner  “APIA”  TVC  The Poun
Prodn Runner  “Farmer Wants a  Wife”  TVS  Fremantle Media
Prodn Runner  “Honda Bikes” TVC  Curious Film
Prodn Runner  “Knowing”  Feature Ezekiel Films

2007: Prodn Runner “Neighbours” TVS Fremantle Media
Prodn Runner  “The Elephant Princess”  TVS  Jonathon Shiff Productions
Prodn Runner  “City Homicide” TVS  Seven Network
Unit Assist“JEEP”  TVC  Film Construction P/L
Runner/Driver  “FORD ‘Utopia’  TVC   @radical media
Prodn Runner “Satisfaction”  TVS  Showtime
Prodn Runner  “The Wedge” Series 2 (Cont.) TVS  Cornerbox
Runner/PA  “Killer Bees” – Film Clip Ticket to Ride 67 Special
Additional PA  “Satisfaction” TVS  Showtime
Runner/PA  “Martha Cove” TVC Big Bridge

2006: Runner/PA  “Devine Homes”  TVC  Big Bridge
Runner/PA  “The Wedge”  Series 2 TVS  Cornerbox
Prodn Runner Where the Wild Things Are”  Feature  2nd Unit  The Worldwide Maurice  International Company
Prodn Runner  “Flora”  TVC  Caravan Pictures
Prodn Assist   “Hello Goodbye”  TVS  Screentime Pty Ltd

2005: Prodn Runner  “Manor Lakes” TVC Chocolate
Prodn Runner Bohler Thyssen Corporate  AVF PNP (AUT) / Appaloosa Films
Prodn Runner  “Irresistible”  Feature Cascade Films
Prodn Runner  “Chocolate” Betty Crocker TVC  Republic Films
Prodn Runner “Athlete” NAB  TVC  Plaza Films
Driver  “The Amazing Race”  TVS  ActiveTV/WRP (USA)

2000: Prodn Manager  “The Dead Ringer”  Short drama  Producer: Peter Mensforth
Set Dressing (Casual)   “Cubby House”   Feature   Art Director: Adam Head
Set Construction  “Green Sails”  Telemovie  Chrisdan Pty Ltd

Referees:  Kevin Van Eede  Managing Director Word Events  0418850947
Christine Hutchens  Production Co-ordinator 0412803003
Virginia Whitwell  Production Co-ordinator  0404886858
Jeremy Grogan   2nd AD   0414457390

Always Creating