CV Wayne Moore


as Writer, Producer, Director – Drama 

2013:  “Blind Spot” Feature  Co Producers: Harry Yates, Rex Forwood  – Production Company: Moore Creative Stuff in association with Good Will Pictures – Progress to date: At answer print stage with a running time of 95 mins approx. Currently seeking distribution

“Widow Maker” Short drama (HD/DVD 6 mins)  Co-producer: Rex Forwood  Production Company: Moore Creative Stuff

2008: “Slaughter” Short drama  (DVD 30 mins) Co-producers: Phil Maher &  Robert Moore  Production Company: Moore Creative Stuff   Production Facilitator CTC @ Kyogle

1998: “Runner” Short drama (DVD 5mins) Co-producers: Phil Maher &  Robert Moore  Production Company: Moore Creative Stuff

 1981:  “Meatheads” Short feature (16mm COL 40 mins) Production Company: Wayne Moore Productions – Production Investment: Australian Film Commission

Award: “Meatheads” Best Fiction Film, Greater Union Awards Sydney Film Festival 1981

1978:  “The Look” Short Drama (16mm Col 18mins) Wayne Moore Productions  – Production Investment: Australian Film Commission

1977:  “Atom” Short Drama (16mm Col 5mins)  Producer: Brisbane Independent  Filmmakers

1975:  “The Persecution” Short drama (16mm Col 3mins)  Wayne Moore Productions “The Believers”  Short drama (16mm Col 15mins)  Wayne Moore Productions

1974:  “Mind” Short Drama (16mm B&W 10mins) Wayne Moore Productions  Production Grant/Australian Film Institute-Experimental Film & TV Fund

1973:  “Heart & Soul” Short Drama (16mm Col 12mins) Producers: Wayne Moore,  Keith Cox  Production Grant/Australian Film Institute  Experimental Film & TV Fund

Various Super 8mm short dramas including: ‘Our Last Soldier’ 15 mins 1971 & ‘Bloodguilt’ 15 mins 1969

as Producer, Director – Documentary

2008:  “Through Our Eyes/ Kyogle Floods”  (DVD 40 mins)  Co-producer Alison Watts  Production Facilitator: CTC @ Kyogle

as Producer, Director – Corporate & Multimedia

2001:  Co-Producer/Director   Client:  Queensland Health   Title: “Clinical Toxicology Symposium”   Co-Producer  Robert Moore  Format: Video: Running Time  4 hrs

2000:   Co-Producer/Director  Client: Moore Creative Stuff   Title: “Promotional Presentation for Convention Organisers/Venues”  Co-Producer: Robert Moore Format: CD-ROM   Running Time:  4 mins

1999:   Co-Producer  Client: Reunions Beyond 2000   Title: “Taringa State School” Producer: Robert Moore  Format: Video:  Running Time: 20 mins

as 1st Assistant Director

2014:  1st AD “Jess Ranch” TVC  Producer Brian Chen (China) Line Producer (Aust) Harry Yates  Land of Oz Productions

2013:   2nd AD “Mount Franklin” TVC  Producer: Peter Kearney Exit Films

2012:   1ST AD  “Bolan Sunglasses”  TVC  Producer: Brian Chen (China)  Line Producer (Aust) Harry Yates   Land of Oz Productions
Unit Assist “Gods of Wheat Street”  TV Series (Block 2) Producer: Lois Randall  ABC Drama

2011:    1st AD  “Nikon” TVC  Producer: Becky Ip (Hong Kong) Line Producer (Aust) Harry Yates  Land of Oz Productions

2009:   AD/Unit Mang. “Cain Toads The Conquest” 3D Feature Documentary  Producer: Mark Lewis  Fern Street Films

2008:   1st AD  “Mercedes Benz”  TVC  Producer: Wong Pui Man (Hong Kong) Line Producer (Aust) Harry Yates  Cinetech Production Group Ltd
1st AD “The Pearl” Documentary  Producer: Wong Pui Man  (Hong Kong)  Line Producer (Aust) Harry Yates  Cinetech Production Group Ltd

2006:   Co-Director/1st AD “Kyogle Country” Docu-drama  Producer: Harry Yates  – Production Facilitator: CTC @   Kyogle    Client: Kyogle Council

2004:   1st AD “Safety In Numbers” Feature  Producer: David Douglas (UK) Line Producer: (Aust) Harry Yates  Safety In Numbers Film Ltd
Director/1st AD “Outside In”  TVC  (Lismore) Producer: Shane Petersen/ Shiftworkz  Client: Lickiss Fabrications
1st AD  “Soya Bean” TVC (China) Producer Harry Yates/SS Productions

2002:   1st AD “Zombie Chews” TVC  (Aust) Producer: Mel Bradford/Boss Prodns

2001:   1st AD “The Real Eve”  Docu-drama  Producer: (UK) Paul Ashton  Line Producer: (Aust) Harry Yates  Discovery Channel 5/Meridian Broadcasting Ltd
1st AD “Back” Short Drama  Producer: Simon Toy  Exec Producer: Mark Chapman  Pacific Film & Television Commission

2000:   1st AD  “Ocean Spray” TVC  (USA)  Exec Producer: Ron Johannsen/Roly Poly
1st AD “Dead Ringers”  Short Drama  Producer: Peter Mensforth

 1999:   1st AD “Laneze”  TVC (South Korea)  Producer: Toni Choi/Basecamp
 1st AD “Asahi Beer” TVC (Japan)  Prodn Mang: Deb Copland/Size Films
1st AD “De Beers” TVC (Hong Kong)  Producer: Campbell McLean/Moviola Shanghai.
1st AD “SG-50” TVC’s x 3 (Philippines) Prod: Campbell Mclean/Big Idea Inc
2nd AD “Nine msn” TVC  (Aust) Producer: Rowen Dean Films

1998:   1st AD “Sega” TVC (Japan)  Producer: Terry Slack/Eye Spy Films
 Production Manager “Loser”  Short Drama  Produce: Simon Toy  Exec Producer: Ross Dimsey  Pacific Film & Televicion Commission
1st AD “Mazda” TVC (Japan)  Producer: Stephen Hall/Ozpan Prodns

1997:   1st AD “Flash”  TVC (UK)  Mendoza Prodns

1996:   1st AD “Your Move” Short Drama  Producer: Philip Warner/Warneroo Pty Ltd – Film Queensland
1st Ad “Flotsam & Jetsam” TV Series  Producer: Ian Gonella/MPM

1995:   1st AD “Channel 7 Brisbane” TVC’s x 2  Producer: Rona Lewis/Dragonslayer

1986:   2nd AD “Gallager’s Travels” Telemovie  Producer: Andrew Williams/Network 10

1985:   2nd AD “Fortress” Feature  Producer: Raymond Menmuir/Crawford Prodns

1984:   3rd AD “The Naked Country” Feature  Producer: Ross Dimsey/Alchemy Films

1983:   3rd AD “The Settlement” Feature  Producer: Robert Bruning

1982:   3rd AD “Outbreak of Hostilities”, “Air Hawk”, “The Little Fella” Telemovies  Producers: Ron Mclean  Colin Eggleston

as Screenwriter  (Funded Development/Unproduced) –

 2003: Writer “Last Post” Feature  Producer: Richard Brennan  Script Editor:  Nick Parsons  Script development: Teralba Films/New South Wales Film & TV Office  4th draft.

2002: Writer “Last Post” aka “Swaggie” Feature  Script Editor: Nick Parsons  – Script Development: NSW/FTO 3rd draft.

2000: Writer “Wraiths” Feature  Producer: Philip Warner/Warneroo Pty Ltd  – Script Development: Film Queensland  Revised 1st draft.

1999: Co-Writer “Cover Shot” Telemovie  Co-Writer/Producer: Ross Dimsey – Alchemy Films  6th draft.

1996: Writer “No Sweat” Feature  Script Editor: Garrett Russell  Script Development: Film Queensland  3rd draft.

1995: Writer “Deadly Exposure” Telemovie  Producer: Ross Dimsey/Alchemy Films 3rd draft
Script Reader  Film Queensland.

1994: Writer “Crocodile Hunters Greatest Adventure” Feature  Producer: John Stainton/Best Picture Show Co  Treatment only.

1993: Co-Writer “Amber Man” Feature Co-Writer: Philip Warner  Producers: Philip Warner/David Hannay  – Script Development:  Aust Film Commission  3rd draft.

1992: Co-Writer “Long Tan” Feature  Co-Writer: Terry Burstall  Script Editor: Harold Lander  Based on the book: “The Soldiers’ Story”  by Terry Burstall  Producer: Hayden Kenny  Exec Producers: (Aust) Ross Dimsey  (USA) Howard G. Minsky – Script & Marketing Develop: Queensland Film Development Office  2nd draft

1990: Writer/Co-Producer “Winter Sun” Producers: Wayne Moore/Penny Wall – Script & Marketing Development: Queensland Film Development Office  2nd draft
 Script Reader  QFDO.

1984: Writer “Swagman” Feature  Script Editor: Harold Lander  Wayne Moore Prodns – Script Development:  Australian Film Commission  2nd draft.

1983: Writer “Secret Earth” Feature  Producer: Philip Warner  Script Development: Queensland Film Corporation  2nd draft

1978: Writer “Swagman” Feature  Wayne Moore Prodns  Script Development: Australian Film Corporation  1st draft

 as Screenwriter (Produced)

1991: Co-Writer “Dinky Dis” Co-Writer: Terry Burstall  Producer/Script Editor: Mel Bradford  Network 9/Animated TV Series  6 x 1/2hr episodes.

1981: Writer “Meatheads” Short Feature  Producer: Wayne Moore  Script Editor: Moya Woods  Script Development: Australian Film Commission.

 as Trainer: (Film & TV Drama) –

 2010: Tutor NIDA Outreach – Screen Directing Intensive – Brisbane

2004: Supervisor & Cosultant  (Co-Producer, Director, Writer, Script Editor)  North  Coast Camera – ‘Script to Screen – Local Heroes’ Tursa WFtD Programme    Short drama video projects: “Swine”, “Amazing Adventures of Sean O’Reily”.  Short documentary video projects “The Making of Swine”, “The Audition”. TVC  ‘Outside In’.

2002: Trainer  (Co-Producer, Director, Script Editor)MullumbimbyHigh School Years 9, 10 & 12  Film & Media Students Short drama video projects “Lost” & “Dummy” NSW Dept of Education & Training – Tursa Grant

Courses attended –

1990:  Masterclass– Queensland Film Development Office   –    Edward R. Pressman (USA Film Producer) Sydney/Los Angeles

1985: Script Writing –  Queensland Film Corporation

Reality TV-

2003: Production Assistant/Driver   Active TV (Australian Facilitator) WR Productions (USA Production Company) ‘The Amazing Race’ Episode 2  Series 4

Always Creating