‘Hideout’ Copyright Wayne Moore
Revised 2nd draft screenplay for a feature film

‘Hideout’ is a contemporary drama in the crime thriller genre.
Target Audience: MA 15+

Log Line: A crew of small-time arms dealers plan to sell a frighteningly lethal weapon to a bikie gang.

Synopsis: When army veterans, Andy, Dennis and girlfriend, Susan, rip-off a highly valuable weapon from a major arms dealer to sell to a bikie gang, they have to hideout in an isolated rural cottage for three nights before moving the weapon to Brisbane. During their stay, Dennis plans to booby-trap the weapon and kill the AFB gang members once he’s been paid. He also plans to revenge a traitor and payback Andy and Susan for having had an affair while he was in jail. But what Dennis doesn’t know is that Andy, Susan and the traitor also have hidden agendas, which once exposed will force them into an explosive conflict with the major arms dealer and federal police.

With a key theme of ‘comradeship’ and subtexual themes of ‘betrayal’ and ‘retribution’, ‘Hideout’ explores the explosive and sometimes fatal consequences of plotting a most heinous crime against society.

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