Copyright Wayne Moore
2nd draft screenplay for a low-budget sci-fi feature film.

‘Zero’ is a tragedy in the ‘apocalypse’ genre.
(‘The Road’ and ‘I Am Legend’ meets ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Day Of The Triffids’)

Log Line: In the not too distant future a virus of unparalleled and devastating potency threatens to exterminate the human race.

Synopsis: After four months of self-imposed exile, Miranda and step-brother, David, must leave the protection of their underground domiciles for much needed supplies. On the outside they face a world ravaged by a plague of devastating potency. In a harrowing and shocking journey from their isolated rural property to reach the nearest town, they battle the hostile survivors of a viral holocaust. In a desperate and horrific quest to understand the true nature of the disease, they discover that only by nature’s reprieve will their species be saved from extinction.

With a key theme of ‘survival’ and subtextual themes of salvation and self sacrifice, ‘Zero’ explores the culling of humankind by natural design.

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